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Welcome to the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand, where adventure and wonder await at every turn.

Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of Queenstown, where snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes create a postcard-perfect backdrop for thrilling outdoor activities.

Explore the magical glowworm caves of Waitomo, where thousands of tiny lights illuminate an underground wonderland that will leave you awe-inspired.

Embark on a journey to Milford Sound, where towering waterfalls cascade into deep fjords, painting a picture of nature's grandeur that will stay with you forever.

Discover the extraordinary charm of New Zealand and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  Group Tours  

Join our group tours and make new friends as you explore the world together!
We'll take care of the details, so you can focus on making memories.


9D7N Delightful New Zealand (Apr - Oct 2024)

From $4188.00 Per Pax

Escape the familiarity of skyscrapers and dive into the serenity that sweeps over South Island, an enchanting haven where you’ll uncover spectacular sceneries and landscapes without the touristy bustle.

✔ Queenstown Skyline Gondola + Fergburger

✔ Abalone & Lobster Seafood Dinner

  • Duration: 9 Days (approx.)
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12D10N Spectacular New Zealand (Apr - Oct 2024)

From $5288.00 Per Pax

From Rotorua’s fascinating Maori culture in North Island to the dazzling milieu of Lake Tekapo in the South, stumble across magnificent marvels of nature and surreal vistas that will leave you breathless with wonder in this epic journey to New Zealand.

✔ Waitomo Glowworm Cave and Boat Ride

✔ Abalone and Lobster Seafood Dinner

  • Duration: 12 Days (approx.)


Take charge of your dream vacation with a Flexi-Holiday!
Create your own itinerary, choose your own adventure, and make unforgettable memories your way.

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5D4N New Zealand Thermal Discovery (North) (Shared Coach Tour)

From $1368.00 Per Pax

Adventure to a wonderland of volcanic landmarks, luminescent glowworms, bubbling mud pools, spouting geysers and a wealth of Maori culture.  

This is the perfect tour for those wanting to experience the unique geothermal nature New Zealand is famous for.

  •  Duration: 4 Days (approx.)

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6D5N New Zealand Southern Highlights

From $1278.00 Per Pax

Be charmed by magnificent vistas and majestic snow-capped mountains dotted with turquoise lakes under the world’s darkest skies.

This is a great introduction to some of the most spectacular landscapes New Zealand has to offer.

  •  Duration: 5 Days (approx.)

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7D6N New Zealand Northern Splendour (Self Drive)

From $1418.00 Per Pax

Embrace awesome earth forces, geothermal hot spots, a forest cloaked interior, Art Deco architecture and beautiful valleys.

Enjoy a variety of scenery on this extensive North Island itinerary.

  •  Duration: 6 Days (approx.)

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7D6N New Zealand Splendid South
(Shared Coach Tour)

From $1788.00 Per Pax

Captivating bright blues lakes surrounded by spectacular snow-capped mountains under starry night skies on a New Zealand South Island Vacation Package.  

One of our most popular tours through the vast and scenic landscape of New Zealand's South Island.

  •  Duration: 6 Days (approx.)
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7D6N New Zealand North South Discovery (Shared Coach Tour)

From $1888.00 Per Pax

An adventure-filled NZ multi-day vacation package with bubbling mud pools and spurting geysers to magnificent vistas and majestic snow-capped mountains.  

A perfect tour for those short of time that wish to experience a taste of what each island has to offer. 

  •  Duration: 6 Days (approx.)

12D11N Majestic New Zealand North and South Best Seller (Self Drive)

From $2478.00 Per Pax

This tour offers a delightful experience of natural wonders, including geothermal hot spots, ice-age glaciers, and breathtaking views, that stretch from the northern to southern regions, earning their majestic names through their splendid characteristics.

  •  Duration: 11 Days (approx.)
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10D9N Scenic New Zealand (North & South) (Shared Coach Tour)

From $1978.00 Per Pax

Enchanting natural wonders from geothermal hot spots to ice-age glaciers and expansive, magnificent vistas. Majestic in name and in nature, this tour delivers everything from north to south.

  •  Duration: 9 Days (approx.)
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8D7N Mountains to Sea Southern Alps and West Coast New Zealand (Seat In Coach)

From $2698.00 Per Pax

Embark on an extraordinary journey traversing the awe-inspiring Southern Alps and untamed beauty of the West Coast. Immerse yourself in the rugged grandeur of the mountains and experience the untamed wilderness of the coast, creating memories of a lifetime on this wild and wonderful adventure.

  •  Duration: 8 Days (approx.)

  More about New Zealand 

Embark on a journey to uncover New Zealand's secret treasures, and indulge in the country's culinary delights!

Discover hidden gems and eat your way through this beautiful land.

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Eat and drink your way around New Zealand

These guides take you to the best food, wine and beer in New Zealand.

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Discover some of New Zealand's best hidden gems.

New Zealand, a popular Instagram destination packed with scenic delights. Find your way to the best spot in the country!